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Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hairstyle

Chances are, you’ve already got a ‘Wedding Hair’ Pinterest Board started and you’re pinning like it’s your part-time job. When you come across a gorgeous ‘do, it’s like a full body rush as you save that pin – there’s really nothing like it!

So, how do you decide which photo will be ‘the one’? Allow me to provide a few tips for narrowing down your choices.

Only consider photos with similar hair colours.

Harsh, I know. But it’s a fact that we gravitate towards blonde updos because of their light-reflecting and multi-tonal ways. While hairstyles can look very similar on dark-haired beauties, it’s better to have a realistic idea of what the outcome will be from the get go.

Keep your neckline in mind.

Perhaps you have a plunging back, deep v, or off the shoulder straps. Whatever the feature, you want to make sure you show it off! Choosing a hairstyle that will complement your dress is the way to go.

Be real about your hair.

You know your hair better than anyone. When you give it a curl, does it fall faster than the time it took you to blaze through Tiger King? If so, you’ll want to incorporate clip-in extensions or consider an upstyle. A lot can be done with the magic of backcombing and hair pads, but it’s impossible to turn fine + thin hair into a full hollywood glam wave without adding extensions.

Consider your day-to-day.

We all want to feel special on our wedding day, but we also want to feel like ourselves. Do you feel comfortable with your forehead, jawline, ears, neck and/or shoulders exposed? Do you typically wear your hair up or down on a regular basis? Keeping these thoughts in mind while browsing the interwebs for inspo photos can really help!

You’ve got this, girl!
xo Kira