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1 on 1 hairstyling lessons for the pro looking to level up

Bring the looks straight from Instagram to your chair

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been scrolling Instagram, coveting the gorgeous hairstyles from your favourite bridal hairstylists. (Have you SEEN those hairstyles on your Explore page? Mind. Blown.) You want to bring the same looks to your clients, only they never quite turn out right. You want to learn the tricks, but no one seems to be spilling them. Well, sounds like you need an EveryPro lesson!

The story of The EveryPro lesson

The EveryPro lesson came as an evolution of The EveryGal lesson, where I teach everyday gals how to style their hair using the tools they already have and a couple secret weapon products they can take home with them. At the same time as I had gals DM-ing me on Instagram asking how they should curl their hair, I also had other pros in the industry ask how they could bring the same soft and effortless hairstyles that were blowing up on my account to their bridal clients too. And so, the EveryPro lesson was born!

Pärla Hair - Kira McClenaghan Headshot in pentagon EveryGal shoot

In case we haven’t met before, hi! I’m Kira!

I’m a professional wedding hairstylist based out of Ottawa, Canada, and the creator of The EveryGal and EveryPro hairstyling lessons. I first started in the hair biz in 2013 when I joined a salon (cuts, colours, the whole thing). While I loved working with clients and the salon atmosphere, I realized that my passion was bridal hair, and branched out on my own to start Pärla Hair in 2018. (Yes, people do sometimes call me “Pärla”, and yes, I will still respond to it if you do!) Since then, I’ve grown to offer not only hairstyling services for brides on their big day, but lessons for EveryGals and EveryPros to learn more about styling themselves and their clients.

Pärla Hair - Kira McClenaghan Headshot in pentagon EveryGal shoot
Pärla Hair - Bridal Hairstylist Ottawa - EveryPro Lesson Soft Curls

Here’s what you get

A 6 hour lesson 1:1 with Kira

Practical hands-on learning

Training to master your favourite looks with in-depth hair prep, building the foundation, and learning the 'why' behind every technique

Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting

All for just $600 plus tax!

Testimonials from EveryGals

You were so personable and really helped me

Thanks so much! I learned a lot and I'm so glad you were to offer the one on one lesson. You were so personable and really helped me.



It was perfect ????

It was perfect ???? Had the best time and learned some killer tips!!! The fact that you might convert me to a curling iron is HUGE haha



You are honestly the best! ????

Thank you so much!! I had such a great time! You are honestly the best! ???? I can't wait until the curling iron comes so I can start practising everything you taught me!



This gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed!

Thank you so much!! This gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed! I mean, I'm no you yet haha but, I'm so happy with these two styles!! So many great little tricks!



The curls are still going strong!

Today was amazing! Thanks you so much for teaching me your tips and tricks. I feel like I can actually pull off these hairstyles now! Also- the curls are still going strong!



Thank you again for everything!

Why didn't I take a photo of the cool updos we did!!! My friend said my hair looked good and I'm like I LEARNED THE COOLEST STUFF. Also, now on the hunt for the topsy tail ????. Thank you again for everything - I a) learned so much and b) had so much fun!!! ???? Next time: Boxer braids.



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