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The Importance of Inspiration Photos

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while, you may remember a post about what to consider when choosing your inspiration photos. But one thing I forgot to emphasize was the importance of having inspiration photos in the first place!

Before we get started, I’d like to highlight that inspiration photos are just that – a starting off point and a tool to use to better explain the overall vibe you’re hoping for. Of course every stylist has an individual touch and finesse, so it will always look a little different. Not to mention, everyone has a unique head of hair, so that will also yield a different result.

So… why are inspiration photos so important? Let’s dig in.

Photos are worth 1000 words. Yes, that old chestnut still rings true and here’s why – words mean different things to different people.

One word that has many meanings is volume.

For example, if I hear someone say, “I love volume. I want a lot of volume on top, but not too poofy” I honestly have no idea what that means. Texas hair? What do they consider a lot of volume? What does poofy mean to them? Is it smooth volume or do they want some texture in there? It’s really hard to gauge people’s comfort level and/or expectation when it comes to volume when they only describe it in words.

Another word that means so many different things is curls.

I wish there was a one-size-fits-all approach to curls, but unfortunately there isn’t (in my books, anyway). I have 4 curling irons in my kit (¾ inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch and 1.5 inch) and with these curling irons, I can use up to 4 different techniques to achieve different curl patterns. Some questions to ask yourself are: Do you prefer all of the curls going away from your face? Do you like to see each individual curl or prefer if it’s brushed out? Do you like it when the ends are straighter or do you prefer a uniform curl all the way down? Do you like shine or prefer a fluffier finish? I could go on… lol.

So what do you do if you can’t find the perfect photo to describe the style you’re going for?

Break it down. Find examples of the curls or the bun shape or the braiding you like, even if the rest of the style isn’t what you want. Having something is better than nothing. Even if you’re not picky or fussy about your hair, spend a few minutes scrolling through IG or Pinterest for a few examples of what you’d be happy with. It really helps me out and ensures that you’ll feel the most comfortable and confident.

Until next time,
xo Kira