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3 Ways to Ensure a Stress-Free Morning On Your Wedding Day

I don’t know about you, but I want to enjoy the morning of my wedding to its fullest potential. I’m talking lattes, mimosas, full breakfast, and of course – glam.

I’ve been taking notes over the past 4 years and I’m here to spill the beans on what makes your wedding morning stress-free and set the tone for the rest of the day.

1 Take some time for yourself

It’s going to be a long day of mingling, eating, drinking, and merriment, so take your morning beverage and sneak away for a few quiet moments before your hair and makeup starts. Some brides take a little walk, meditate, or sneak in a little yoga – whatever feels right for you!

What Would Kira Do (WWKD): I’d make myself a fancy coffee and find a quiet spot outside to ultimately let it get cold while I attempt to do the Wordle in 3 tries. It’s my self care.

2 Try and finish up any last minute tasks before the wedding day

We are all guilty of a little procrastination from time to time, but I promise you won’t regret tying up all of your loose ends before the wedding day. This includes but isn’t limited to: writing/printing your speech, steaming your dress/veil*, and organizing your details for the photographer.

WWKD: If I’m being honest, I’d be up all night for an entire week before my wedding day if it meant that I could eat, drink and be merry with my sisters and closest girlfriends on my wedding day. Label maker working overtime with me hunched over the kitchen table organizing all of the lil details.

*if you can’t steam your dress/veil the night before, I highly encourage steaming before hair and makeup begins.

3 Don’t be afraid to set your own vibe

This one seems to be an afterthought and I really feel like it makes all the difference! When the bride has a clear idea for the morning-of entertainment, the vibe hits different. And it could be anything! Once I watched Shrek 1 + 2 (highly underrated, IMO). Another time I watched an entire season of Selling Sunset. As long as you’re happy, we’re happy!

WWKD: We’d ease into the day with Grace & Frankie because who can resist Lily Tomlin’s wit and charm, amiright? Then we’d throw on some Friends for good measure (szn 3, The One Where No One’s Ready is my favourite episode of all time. I don’t know why, but it would need to be played). Lastly we’d be poppin champagne, listening to a melange of my favourite hits.

The day goes by so quickly, so the more you can be present and enjoy every second, the better!


Until next time,
xo Kira