Parla Hair - Blonde Bridal Hair Client Half-Updo with Curls at Bridal Hair Trial

8 Ways to Prepare for Your Bridal Hair Trial

It’s trial szzznnn, baby!

I’m all about getting the most out of your appointment, so here are 8 ways that you can prepare for your bridal hair trial!

1 Wash and blow-dry 24 hours in advance

Forget what you heard about dirty hair being the best for styling… someone lied to you 😂.

2 Blow-dry with a round brush + mousse at the roots

The mousse will add some grip and the round rush will give you more lift at the root. Talk about a win win!

3 Save your inspo photos in one place

If you stay organized, you ain’t got to get organized amiright? Save some time by creating a ‘bridal hair’ board or folder and hoard all of your hair inspo photos here.

4 Do your makeup

Even the most relaxed and loose hairstyles will look fancier than your day-to-day, so it’s important to balance out the look by applying a bit of makeup before your appointment. Even better if you can coordinate your makeup trial before your hair trial!

5 Wear a white top

You’re not going to be wearing your Class of ‘08 hoodie on the wedding day, so why wear it to your hair trial? Wearing a white top (extra points if the neckline is similar to your dress) will help you visualize how your hair will look with your dress.

6 Bring your veil

I feel like this one is self-explanatory, but just in case… it will help you preview what your hair will look like with the veil applied. It also allows the stylist to figure out the best placement and request any changes (ex. swapping the plastic comb for a metal one).

7 Save photos of your dress

We want to make sure that your hair matches the vibe of the wedding and your dress – you know, since you’ll be wearing it all day/night. Having photos of the dress (and maybe even you in it) can help your stylist determine the techniques they’ll use to create a style that will complement your dress.

8 Bring your accessories

If you already have the jewelry that you’ll be wearing on the big day, bring it along! Seeing as many details come together as possible will only help visualize how you’re going to look on the wedding day.

I hope these hot tips were helpful as you prepare for one of the most fun appointments before the wedding!

Until next time,
xo Kira