Parla Hair - Bridal hairstylist Kira prepping bridal client's hair before her wedding day

My Recipe for the Perfect Haircut (Bridal Edition)

It’s a question on every bride’s mind: How long should my hair be for my wedding? What’s going to give me the best results? Well, look no further! I’m about to share my simple, yet strongly effective recipe for the best pre-wedding haircut!

Step 1: Length

Regardless of the desired style (half up, all up or all down) the ideal length is mid-chest (nipple length, if you will). Any shorter and you run the risk of not having enough length to create the bun of your dreams. Any longer and the hair may be too heavy to hold the curl or stay secured in an updo.

Don’t stress too much if your hair isn’t (or won’t be) mid-chest length by your wedding… there’s always extensions for that! If your hair is down to your waist, perhaps scheduling in a trim before your trial may be your best bet!

Step 2: Layers

Layers are crucial for special event styling, especially for a perky pony, half up, or all down style. If your hair falls at the same length or your layers are too long, you won’t get the same fullness or dimension throughout the style. You’ll notice that the curls will start to flatten near the roots and the only curl that will remain is at the ends.

Step 3: Face Framing

This is probably the most important ingredient of the recipe! Similar to layering throughout your haircut, face framing layers are KEY! Softness around the face is a trend that is here to stay and if the hair around your face starts at your collarbone or longer, it’s going to look like octopus tentacles. Not cute. Instead, have your stylist create soft layers around your face starting around your chin and blend into your length.

If you’re a Pärla bride (or part of their bridal crew), I always bring my scissors on the morning of the wedding just in case we need to trim any of the pieces we keep out around your face. It’s not necessarily a full-on hair cut, so it’s always best to have your stylist blend everything together in advance.

Last, but not least, if you’re ever unsure about the length of your hair, reach out to your stylist for advice first before getting it cut. Depending on the style you’re hoping for, they may have other ideas on how you can best prepare for the big day!


Until next time,


xo Kira