Parla Bride Spotlight on Ally

I wanted to connect with a handful of my past brides to get the tea ☕️ on what it was actually like being a #pärlabride. Why? Because I’m always trying to level up my biz and make sure that I’m giving the best possible client experience. Let’s just say I was BLOWN away by their responses!


What were you looking for when researching bridal hair stylists?

I was looking for someone flexible and easy going. This was key as we rebooked our wedding 5 times and ended up having our wedding far outside of the city, in a small cottage! Kira was able to roll with the punches and setup shop in a small cottage on a 30 degree day (with no ac)!


Why did you decide to book Parla Hair for your wedding?

I had the pleasure of working with Kira at Wheelhouse what seems like a decade ago. I heard her talk about her business often and how passionate she was about it. It has been awesome seeing her flourish and achieve her goals. I love her energy, aesthetic, and stylings. I know she could execute my vision perfectly, and she did!


If you could describe your experience as a Parla Bride in 3 words, what would they be?

Just 3? Cue that Lady Gaga video…

Relieved, Confident, Loved


What was your favourite part about your experience as a Parla Bride?

I love how Kira took my vision of having a big ponytail (Big Pony Energy?) and effortlessly put it all together. I had been planning this look for 2 years by the time our wedding came around. During the hair trial, she did exactly what I had envisioned, first try. I wanted big hair and Kira used extensions that matched my hair perfectly. She also adds lots of little details into her work which made the experience really FUN. My Mom, Mother-in-law, best friend, and sister all got their hair done and every single look was different and amazing and they were all really happy with it! My friend Sarah Coffin did my makeup (@sarethefacemaker) and commented on how easy Kira was to work with, which she was!


If you could go back and give one piece of advice to ‘Newly Engaged Ally’, what would it be?

Three things…
1) Small intimate weddings are amazing
2) Expect the unexpected (Covid)
3) REALLY research your vendors and pick people you like (which I did with Pärla Hair!)