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Parla Bride Spotlight on Aleah

I wanted to connect with a handful of my past brides to get the tea ☕️ on what it was actually like being a #pärlabride. Why? Because I’m always trying to level up my biz and make sure that I’m giving the best possible client experience. Let’s just say I was BLOWN away by their responses!


What were you looking for when researching bridal hair stylists?

When researching bridal hairstylists I was looking for a few different things.

I would say first and foremost, I was looking for hairstyles that were timeless, elegant, yet soft and effortless. I was also looking for someone that showcased a broad range of hairstyles so that my bridesmaids could choose a hairstyle that best suited each of them.

Second, I was looking for someone whose personality meshed well with mine and the overall vibe that I wanted to feel on my wedding day. This was important to me because I truly believe that who you surround yourself on the morning of your wedding day, really sets the tone for the entire day.

I wanted someone that was friendly and excited to work with my girls and I.


Why did you decide to book Parla Hair for your wedding?

I decided to book Parla Hair for my wedding because her work truly blew me away and her style really resonated with me. She showcased so many diverse styles and I drew so much of my bridal hair inspiration from her Instagram page, as did all of my bridesmaids. She was warm, bubbly and genuinely seemed excited to work with me.


If you could describe your experience as a Parla Bride in 3 words, what would they be?

3 words to describe my experience as a Parla Bride would be empowering, fun, and special. Every bit of the experience was so much fun and really made me feel confident and beautiful. I had my full trust and confidence in Kira which I truly believe contributed to such a calm and fun getting ready experience on my wedding day.


What was your favourite part about your experience as a Parla Bride?

My favourite part about my experience as a Parla bride was how patient Kira was with me and how much attention to detail she had for my hair and all of my girls. Kira was so patient with me when I couldn’t decide whether I wanted my hair up or down on my wedding day and really helped me narrow down exactly what I wanted without trying to persuade me one way or another. She gave me fantastic advice based on what would look best for my type of hair and the overall look I was going for. I’ve also never met a hair stylist as passionate as Kira is about what she does and it really reflects in her work. She put so much time and effort into making sure myself and my bridesmaids hair was perfect and exactly how we envisioned it.


If you could go back and give one piece of advice to ‘Newly Engaged Ally’, what would it be?

If I could go back and give myself one piece of advice it would be to stay true to yourself and what you want for your wedding day. My husband and I decided to push our wedding by a year due to covid and we ended up having almost a 2 year engagement. What I struggled with the most was the changing styles and getting influenced by all of the wedding Instagram pages, family/friends, and what was “trending” at the time. For example, I had always envisioned my hair up for my wedding day but I kept seeing so many brides with their hair down which started making me second guess myself. I ended up having my hair up for my wedding day and I did not regret it one bit.

All this to say, do what feels most like you, not what everyone else is doing and you will not regret a single aspect of your day.

I would also say, book vendors that you feel comfortable putting your full trust in, this will help you enjoy your wedding day and make the planning process all the more fun. If you are thinking about booking Parla Hair for your wedding, just do it, you absolutely will not regret it!!