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2022 Wedding Hair Trend Predictions

I’ve dusted off my crystals and I am ready to make my predictions for this year’s top requested bridal looks ????

2022 Wedding The Soft Wave

The Soft Wave

This is a more relaxed, softer, and more elongated version of the classic Hollywood wave. Just as glamorous and just as high maintenance since the goal is to keep the hair in one uniform wave as opposed to individual curls. I’d recommend this look for gals whose hair holds a curl fairly well or who are open to using clip-in extensions for style longevity.

The Perky Pony

I am seriously making it my personal mission to turn this look into the new ‘half up/half down’ hairstyle of 2022. First of all, it’s secure as hell and you can head bang and dance the night away with literally zero cares in the world. Not to mention, it’s so versatile! Wear it low, in the middle or up high and the silhouette changes dramatically. Opt for something on the sleeker side or ask for more texture and the whole vibe shifts. And don’t even get me started on the volume! Girl, I promise your pony will be perking to the gods when I’m finished!

Disclaimer: A LOT of backcombing goes into the perky pony. Like, a lot. So if you have a super sensitive scalp, this style may not be for you. Otherwise, grab your Wet Brush girl and start from the bottom and work your way up.

Parla Hair - 2022 Wedding Hairstyle Trend Predictions - The High Bun

The High Bun

Now, this is the most controversial prediction because I think our minds instantly go to the 90s prom buns – slicked back hair with a mountain of curls piled on top (bonus points if you incorporated a zig zag part and criss-crossed the back) but I promise this look has gotten an upgrade!

The modern version is soft, intentional, and just enough of a face lift. You might think I’m joking, but if the bun is placed in line with your cheekbones, LOOK OUT. No, seriously. You’ll be checking yourself out in every reflective surface you can find.