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How to Prepare Your Locks for Pinterest-Worthy Wedding Hair

I’ve done a lot of bridal hair. And nothing styles better than hair that has been properly cared for leading up to the big day. So… how can you make sure your hair is in tip top shape?

Invest in professional shampoo.

I can’t stress this enough! Drug store brands contain numerous fillers like silicones, sulphates, and parabens. Why is this a bad thing? Well, silicone in particular is a form of plastic that coats the hair and over time turns into a thick buildup that leaves your hair feeling greasy, flat and lifeless. Add a hot tool in the mix and you’re essentially laminating your hair – le yikes.

Invest in the highest quality shampoo, conditioner and treatment that your budget will allow. There are lots of great brands out there that won’t break the bank and bring your hair back to life. Try one of my faves – Amika. It’s an independent hair care brand from Brooklyn, NY that is always cruelty-free, always without sulfates, parabens, aluminum starch, phthalates + DEA, and retails for roughly $27 per product.

Don’t forget to trim.

Brides are usually in hair growth mode leading up to the wedding, and while I’m here for it, I want to promote the benefit of scheduling regular trims. Let’s face it, your hair could be down to the floor, but if it hasn’t been trimmed in 3 years, there’s no product in the world that will hide those split ends. Who doesn’t want shiny, smooth, and strong hair 24/7/365? I know I do.. And I get my hair cut every 3 months.

Avoid these mistakes.

There are two common mistakes that brides make when it comes to their hair length pre-wedding:

  1. Not growing their hair long enough.
  2. Growing their hair too long.

This may sound like a lose-lose scenario, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve nailed down a general idea of what style you’re after, consult with your bridal hairstylist about the optimal length for this style.

A general rule of thumb for upstyles (and I mean ‘low, loose, effortless’ buns too..) is between armpit and nipple length. And don’t forget about face-framing layers!


You’ve got this, girl!
xo Kira