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What it’s like being a Parla Bride

How’s it goin’ babes?! (Read as Lawrence Chaney*, obviously.)

I wanted to take a minute and share a little behind the scenes of what you can expect when you work with me, Kira! Believe it or not, my name is not Pärla, although I will always answer to it and will never correct you.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I am so passionate about my job and making people feel the most confident they’ve ever felt. Whether you’re a bride of mine, in a bridal party I’m working with or coming into my little Pärla petite home-studio, I want you to feel welcome, that you belong and that you’re oh so beautiful. I also want to make you laugh, feel cozy, and calm. It all depends on the occasion, really.

Coming up with this list was really fun and peeled back a lot of layers behind why I do what I do. I wasn’t expecting the reflective journey I went on, but here we are. Inspired by the vocal stylings of sir DJ Khaled…

I appreciate you

I send old school snail mail (the fun kind). In fact, I have a custom gift made for each bride and I package it up with a darling hand written note as a ‘thank you for choosing me’ kinda thing.

I am organized

I’ve invested in a software system to keep me hella organized and make the process super easy and stress-free for you. This means that I reach out to you every step of the way.

Booking your trial? I gotchu boo! 6 months before your wedding you can expect an email from me with a direct link to book online. I’ll even send you a reminder email 1 week before your appointment with all of the details you’ll need to prepare for your trial (and I mean EVERY last detail… even where to park!).

This system also allows for each bride to have their own portal where they can view their invoice, contract, and all email communication in one spot. So fancy and so organized.

I gotchu

Would I consider myself a wedding planner? No, absolutely not. But if you’re looking for recommendations of other vendors that I’ve enjoyed working with in the past, you best believe I’ll help a sista out!

Again, I am organized

I know, this is getting a bit repetitive, but here I am organized for a different reason – a ‘Done For You’ hair schedule for the morning of your wedding.

Thanks again to my shmancy software system (can you tell I love it?), I’m able to send you an online form a couple of months before the wedding to confirm all of the details that may have not been ironed out at the time of booking (i.e. getting ready location, parking instructions for me, exactly what time everyone needs their hair done by, etc.).

I am responsive

Sometimes to a fault, actually. I have this internal need to get back to people and I can’t leave anyone hanging for too long. Don’t worry though, I do take time off! I just make responding to emails and DMs a priority for when I’m ‘ON’.

I am exclusive

I only book 1 wedding per day, so I’m able to cater to your schedule and be on your time. This means that the timeline on the day of the wedding can be flexible at the time of booking.

I am always learning

Bridal hairstyling is my biggest passion in life (other than FRIENDS) and it’s always been my goal to keep pushing my boundaries and never stop learning. I choose to invest a percentage of my annual income back into education because I don’t want to become stagnant and I want to elevate the bridal hair game in Ottawa. I’ve admired the work of some of the top hair stylists around the world and I want to bring that calibre of hairstyling to the Ottawa area.

I go the extra mile

Need me to hang back and apply your veil once you get dressed? No sweat. Loiter for a few ‘touch up photos’? I’m your gal. Would love to incorporate a hair accessory, but feel like it’s another added cost for something you’ll never wear again? I’ve got you covered. There literally isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to make my brides’ day.


Wow, if this wasn’t an entire rant of me pumping my own tires… ???? I promise I remain humble AF.

Until next time my cuties,
xo Kira

*Season 2, Drag Race UK. Streaming on Crave. You’re welcome.