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3 Reasons Why Your Curls Aren’t Lasting

Lots of people are faced with the same problem – their curls never last! And while there are many reasons why this might happen, I’m going to highlight the top 3 curl killing culprits and how you can avoid them! 


 1)You’re brushing them out while they’re still hot 

There’s no way around it – curls of all shapes and sizes start in ringlet form.  Even the most effortless of beach waves start as a tight, albeit elongated, ringlet. And while we don’t always like what’s staring back at us in the mirror, we need to trust the process and know that it gets worse before it gets better.  All curls need to cool in their tightest formation in order to have a chance of surviving. It’s a fact! 

Next time you curl your hair, try doing your makeup while your hair cools and brush them out when your face is finished.


2)You don’t have any layers

I encounter this problem on the regular when it comes to bridal styling.  Most everyday gals have hair that’s all one length with a few face framing layers.  And while this is a great day-to-day haircut, it becomes problematic when it comes to styling.  Hair that’s all one length at the back is too heavy to support curls.  What ends up happening is the hair at the root to the midsection falls straight and the smallest breath of a curl remains at the ends… not ideal. 


If you enjoy curling your hair and/or are part of a wedding party and planning on getting a partial updo (something half up), why not ask your stylist to add in some soft layering throughout.  It will give your hair so much more shape and really help with your curls lasting. 


3) You’re washing, blow drying and curling all in the same day 

Besides the fact that this is soooo time consuming, our hair likes to hold on to moisture… and moisture and hot tools do not mix.  Sure, you might see your hair curl right away, but because there is still water left in the hair, your curls will likely fall pretty fast and your hair will be prone to frizz (again, because of the moisture still lingering).  


Next time you’re planning on getting all dolled up, try washing and blow drying your hair 1 day in advance.  This gives your hair at least 24 hours to finish drying and your curls will last much longer.  


Now you might be thinking, ‘Kira, these are all really great tips, but I’m back at square one… I have no idea how to even curl my hair let alone worry about it lasting!’ and I heaarrrr you girl! I’m bringing back The EveryGal (a hairstyling lesson for the everyday gal) in September and if you haven’t joined the waitlist yet, what are you waiting for?! 


Until next time, 

xo Kira